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If point A is (2,4) and point B is (3,2) and slope is -2 what would the equation be in standard form?

Having trouble with this problem!

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    Once again, the same kind of question as before.

    step1: find slope
    (you did that correctly and got m = -2)

    use y-y1 = m(x-x1) , where (x1, y1) is either of the given points

    using (2,4)
    y-4 = -2(x-2)
    y-4 = -2x + 4

    standard form has both x and y terms on the left, the constant on the right.
    2x + y = 8

    (using (3,2) has to give you the same equation, try it.)
    I usually use the point not used to sub in my equation, to see if it satisfies the equation.
    It does!

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    Let me see if I remember this... I believe you plug in one of the points into the point slope formula

    (2,4) x1=2 and y1=4 m=slope in this case -2
    I hope this help

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