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A rectangular enclosure is to be constructed with 800 feet of fence in order to have four sections. What should be the dimensions in order to maximize the area enclosed? What is the maximum area?

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    Well, I bet it turns out to be a square but anyway:
    A = b c where b is breadth and c is length

    2 b + 2 c = 800
    b + c = 400
    c = (400 - b)
    A = b * (400-b)
    A = 400 b - b^2
    b^2 - 400 b + A = 0
    where is the vertex of this parabola (I assume you do not do calculus)
    b^2 - 400 b = -A
    b^2 - 400 b + 40,000 = -A + 40,000
    (b-200)^2 = -A + 40,00
    vertex (maximum) when b = 200
    then c = 400-200 also = 200
    just as we suspected

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