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What is the scale that you will use for your scale drawing?

I'm not understanding the question? is it asking what number i will use? or is it asking what type of graph type deal I will use?

(My scale was 115 x 160)

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    An example of a scale is 1 inch = 10 feet.

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    Oh, I get it. The question is asking you what scale you are going to use for your scale drawing. Here is the definition from my Geometry Book:
    Scale- a ratio that describes how the dimensions in a scale drawing are related to the dimensions of the actual object.
    An example of a scale would be,1 in : 25 ft which means that 1 in in your scale drawing would represent 25 ft in real life. That means that 115 x 160 is not your scale but it is your dimensions. If you don't get what I am talking about tell me?

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