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Make a conjecture about the solution of a system of equations if the result of subtracting one equation from the other is 0 = 0
A. There are no solutions
b. there are infinite number of solutions
c. Cannot determine any solution
d. the solutions are inverses of each other

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    If your variables disappear after performing valid algebraic operations, and
    -you end up with true statement, there are an infinite number of solutions
    -you end up with a false statement, there are no solutions.

    so in your case the statement 0 = 0 is true, so .....

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    I don't understand?

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    Choco pies are cookies made from chocolate (c), sugar (s), and flour (f). Chocolate costs $5 per pound, sugar costs $3 per pound, and flour costs $2 per pound. You spend $50 on 18 pounds of food and buy twice as much flour as sugar.

    Write a system of three equations that represents how much food you should purchase.

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