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Write the equation for the dissociation of carbonic acid.

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    pKa = -log Ka, and

    Ka = [H+][A-] / [HA]

    Therefore Ka = [H+][HCO3-] / [H2CO3]

    [H+] = Ka . [H2CO3] / [HCO3-]

    does this help?

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    not really I am just trying to understand what the chemical equation looks like

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    H2CO3 + H2O <---> HCO3− + H3O+

    carbonic acid is going to be 1M (mol dm-3) 20 ml

    How much water in ml should I have to full dissociate 20 ml of 1M carbonic acid? To determine pKa... i was going to find the pH of the solution after it has been dissciated (carbnoic acid is a weak acid, will not fully dissociate).
    from the pH... i will find the [H+] and then plug in the formula
    Ka = [HCO3−] x [H3O+] / [H2CO3]

    This is my last resort i don't have any thing else but done this help at all?

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    The dissociation of H2CO3 occurs in two steps.
    H2CO3 + H2O ==> H3O^+ + HCO3^-
    HCO3^- + H2O ==> H3O^+ + CO3^2-

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