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what was the main purpose of the 1782 jacksonborough assembly?

please help me i cant find anything!!!!

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    I went to and entered 1782 jacksonborough assembly. Here are a couple of the articles I found:
    (Notice these words: " a result of Governor John Rutledge's call to begin the restoration of sovereign civil government in South Carolina."

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    oh i don't use bing i use google and nothing showed up for me that was anwsered. or helpful. either that or i just went right passed them witch i re read them twice.

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    Learning to use more than one search engine pays off!!

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    Here are the answers for Lesson 1: New govermnet, SOuth Carolina state history 8A Unit 5: A new nation and state 1.c 2.c 3.a 4.b 5.c This are 100% if you are a connections acadmey student

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    A student from connections is right

  • south carolina history -

    Stud pent from conections is right it’s

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    hhgods not deadbolt is right thank pu I got them all right 100%

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    gods not dead is correct

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