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A hockey puck of mass 0.16 kg, sliding on a nearly frictionless surface of ice with a velocity of 2.0 m/s (E), strikes a second puck at rest with a mass of 0.17 kg. the first puck has a velocity of 1.5 (N 31 E) after the collision. Determine the velocity of the second puck after the collision.

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    please help Ms. SUE!!!!

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    a proton flying to the east near the surface of the earth at 1000mls. what is the magnitude of the force the proton feels due to earths magnetic field

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    X: m₁v₁=m₁u₁cosα+m₂u₂cosβ
    Y: 0=m₁u₁sinα - m₂u₂cosβ
    m₁v₁-m₁u₁cosα = m₂u₂cosβ …(1)
    m₁u₁sinα= m₂u₂cosβ ………...(2)
    Divide (2) by (1)
    tanβ= m₁u₁sinα/ (m₁v₁-m₁u₁cosα) =
    =sinα/ (1- cosα) =3.6
    u₂=m₁u₁sinα/ m₂cosβ= 0.16•2•sin31/0.17•sin 74.5 =1 m/s

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    to Anton:

    F=qvB? where q=e
    v: m mile/s -> m/s
    B= 5•10⁻⁵ T

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