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socialstudies(check answers please)

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what was the purpose of the gettysburg address? end the revolutionary war and gain independence.(I PICKED THIS) launch the war for independence and american democracy. honor fallin soldiers in the civil war and cement notion of equailty for all people.

D.To defend the causes of world war I.


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    Nuts to your answer. When was the Gettsburg address? When was the revolutionary (independence) war? When was WWI?

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    Oh what about B?

  • socialstudies(check answers please) -

    When was the Gettsburg address? When was the revolutionary (independence) war? When was WWI?

    Are you answer grazing?

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    gettsburg adress was=1863


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    Now, what would a speech in 1863 be about?

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    i think about getty burgs adress and maybe why it was invented??

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    you really ought to read once the short speech Lincoln did after the battle of Gettsbury, honoring the dead on both sides, and seeking peace for the future.

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    no help at all

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    matt/minate ~

    Your guesses have been all over the place, so the only conclusion we can draw is that you have not paid attention in class and/or have not read your assignments.

    Please go back and read your assignments, and then let us know what you actually think ... no guessing.

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