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2 vectors act on a bolt. vector 1(1200/70 degrees) vector 2(900/205 degrees) then E = ? must show work!

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    V1 + V2 = 1200[70o] + 900[205o]

    X = 1200*cos70 + 900*cos205 = -405.3
    Y = 1200*sin70 + 900*sin205 = 747.3

    tanAr = Y/X = 747,3/-405.3 = -1.84376
    Ar = -61.53o = Reference angle.
    A = -61.53 + 180 = 118.5o

    Vr = Y/sinA = 747.3/sin118.5 = 850.3[118.5o] = Resultant vector.

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