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1. A website promoting the use of alternative energy vehicles and hybrid technologies claims that, \"A typical automobile in the USA uses about 500 gallons of gasoline every year, producing about 5 tons of carbon dioxide.\"

To determine the truth of this statement, calculate how many tons of carbon dioxide are produced when 500.0 gallons of gasoline are combusted. Assume that the primary ingredient in gasoline is octane, C8H18(l), which has a density of 0.703 g·mL–1.

2. Prior to their phaseout in the 1980s, chemicals containing lead were commonly added to gasoline as anti-knocking agents. A 5.021 g sample of one such additive containing only lead, carbon, and hydrogen was burned in an oxygen rich environment. The products of the combustion were 5.465 g of CO2(g) and 2.796 g of H2O(g). Insert subscripts below to appropriately display the empirical formula of the gasoline additive:

Any help is really appreciated!

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