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a geologist found that silt was deposited on a river bed at the rate of 4cm every 170 years , how long would it take for 5 cm of silt how long would it to be deposited ???? plz helpp

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    4/170 = 5/x

    Cross multiply and solve for x.

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    I got 850/x and 4 /x what do I do next to get the answer

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    When we cross multiply, we multiply the first and last terms together. Then we multiply the two middle terms together.

    4/170 = 5/x

    4x = 850

    Divide both sides by 4

    x = 212.5 years

    It'll take 212.5 years for 5 cm of silt to be deposited.

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    thx u

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    You're welcome.

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