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Janise is a sole proprietor owning a small specialty store. the business records show that the cost of the stores individual inventory items have been steadily increasing. the cost of the end of the year inventory is 125,000 and the cost of the beginning of the year inventory was 150,000. Janis uses the lifo method of inventory valuation. which of the following statements are true?

a. Janine purchased more inventory during the year than sold during the same one year period
b. Janise would have a higher net income if she used the fifo method of inventory valuation instead of the lifo method
c Janise has apparently increased the volume of the items in her ending inventory as compared to the number of items in her beginning inventory
d. since the cost of the store inventory items is increasing Janine will have a smaller cost of goods sold amount on a lifo basis than on a fifo basis
e. none of the above

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