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1. List the legal charges that a teen can face if he or she is caught drinking and driving.

A: The legal charges that a teenager can face if he or she is caught drinking and driving are arrest, heavy fines, suspension of one’s driver’s license, and possible time in prison?

2. Identify three ways that alcohol use can harm a teen's future.

A: Alcohol use can harm a teenager’s future in three ways, such as being sent to prison, an unplanned pregnancy, and possessing a police record?

3. Evaluate how alcohol use can affect a person's behavior.

A: Alcohol use can affect a person's behavior immensely, as it can cause people to drive while drunk, to participate in unplanned sexual activity, to engage in diving under the influence, and to lose control of their mind and their body?

4. Summarize the effects of alcoholism on the family.

A: Families are affected immensely by alcoholism. Therefore, there are many effects of alcoholism upon the family. In fact, the first effect is guilty feelings, as family members often feel guilty, as if their loved one’s alcoholism is somehow their fault, despite the fact that it is not. The second effect is unpredictable behavior, as families never know what to expect in regards to the alcoholic’s demeanor. The third effect is violence, as families of alcoholics are more likely to become victims of violence than families of nonalcoholics are. The fourth effect is ignoring one’s own needs, or codependency, as family members are so preoccupied in taking care of the drinker that their own lives suffer. The fifth effect is protecting the alcoholic, or enabling which means helping an addict avoid the negative consequences of his or her behavior. For example, when the addict is so drunk that he cannot work, a member of the alcoholic’s family may often call his or her boss to say that he or she is ill. The final, or sixth, effect is neglect and isolation. As alcoholics usually spend their time preoccupied with drinking, children of alcoholics often feel as if the alcoholic parent does not have time to care for them. Therefore, in the end, alcoholism affects both the alcoholic and the people he or she loves the most?

5. Compare two programs of alcoholism.

A: There are a variety of treatment options for alcoholism. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Al-Anon are two programs among these. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is most widely used program for treating alcoholism. The AA method for recovery involves 12 steps. Through regular meetings and shared experiences, AA members bring themselves and each other closer to a life that is free of alcohol and full of emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. Al-Anon, however, despite the fact that it is also a program, is different, as Al-Anon is a program that provides treatment and support to the families of alcoholics. It is also designed to help family members talk about and share advice on the problem of living with the alcoholic?

6. What would do if you noticed a friend displaying several of the warning signs of alcohol abuse?

A: I would encourage this friend to stop this abuse of alcohol before he or she becomes severely addicted to it?

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    Should I alter anything?

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    Please double check on teenage drinkers going to prison. I doubt if any have spent more than overnight in a jail.

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    Yes, underage drinkers can be sent to prison for underage D.U.I. convictions as well as for drinking and driving if you are of the age of 17 or older.

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    Are the rest of my answers correct?

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    Thank you.

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    You're welcome.

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