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How would you respond in the following situations?

1. Your friend drove you to a party and then she had four drinks. She says she will never speak to you again if you do not ride home with her.

A: I would respond by taking the key to her vehicle and then, since she demanded that I must return with her, insist that I should drive?

2. Joaquin drive Roy to an outdoor concert. Roy brought wine. Joaquin, against her better judgment, had about tow glasses of it. Now he realizes he cannot safely drive home. Roy insists that Joaquin drive him home. Joaquin's parents are strict, and he will be in serious trouble if he is late or if her calls his parents for a ride and they find out he's been drinking. If Joaquin asked you for advice, what would you say?

A: I would advise that Joaquin should either take responsibility for his own actions and contact his parents to provide transportation for both Joaquin and Roy, or contact a taxi or cab service?

3. Assume that you are a party where everyone else is drinking. When you refuse several drinks, the people at the party start teasing you and will not drop the subject. How would you respond?

A: I would respond by leaving the party and the current situation?

4. Rosie is on a date with Tom. They attended a party and Tom has several drinks. Rosie is afraid to let Tom drive her home, but he insists. What should Rosie do?

A: Rosie should either use refusal skills and contact her parents for transportation, or be honest with Tom, telling him that she is not comfortable with him driving, and insist that she should drive instead?

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