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Here is a list of words.

1. moral, 1. morality
2. mental, 2. mentality
3. individual, 3. individuality
4. general, 4. generality
5. eventual, 5. eventuality
6. personal, 6. personality
7. musical, 7. musicality
8. neutral, 8. neutrality
9. original, 9. originality
10. normal, 10. normality

Write 10 sentences, using each word pair (base word and its derived word) in a sentence. For example, use original and originality in the same sentence. Context clues within each sentence must show meaning of the spelling words. Remember: Words ending in -ity are nouns and need to be used as nouns in your sentences.

  1. Ms. Sue

    I'll do the first one for you.

    Ann's strong sense of morality inspired her to make the right moral decisions.

    Someone will be glad to check your sentences.

  2. Hibbah Ahmed

    Thanks. I just need someone to do numbers 5 & 7 for me now.

  3. Hibbah Ahmed

    Thanks but I only need help with numbers 5 & 7 now.

  4. Ms. Sue

    5. The eventual insurance premium will assure us of assistance in any eventuality.

    7. My musical brother studied musicality at the university.

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