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Health (Ms. Sue)

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1. Describe how drugs can change the way the brain works.

A: Some drugs can change the way neurons within the brain communicate with each other. These drugs act like neurotransmitters, block neurotransmitters, or change the amount of a neurotransmitter in synapses. Therefore, changing the communication between neurons by interfering with neurotransmitters changes the way we sense, feel, and respond to the world around us?

2. Describe how drugs can affect your emotions.

A: Drugs can affect your emotions by correcting the levels of serotonin in synapses and by changing the levels or effectiveness of other neurotransmitters, helping to reduce depression. However, drugs of abuse can interrupt the balance between many neurotransmitters needed for normal brain functioning. These drugs alter our judgment in ways that affect our ability to understand and deal with reality.

3. State the reasons why addiction can be difficult to overcome.

A: Addiction can be difficult to overcome because, when a person becomes addicted to a drug, he or she has developed a physical need for the drug, and cannot function without it.

4. Describe the relationship between physical dependence and withdrawal.

A: Physical dependence and withdrawal correspond with each other as withdrawal is the uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms produced when a physically dependent drug user, or a person who possesses physical dependence, stops using drugs.

5. What resources are available to a drug addict to help him or her begin recovery from a drug addiction?

A: Most communities offer a variety of treatment programs. In treatment, patients receive help in getting off the drug to which they are addicted, as well as counseling to understand why they have become addicted. Counseling also helps the addict cope with life without the drug.

6. Why is it important to avoid starting to take drugs?

A: It is important to avoid starting to take drugs because many abuse drugs are illegal and highly addictive.

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