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The three basic parts of a neuron include ________.

A. Soma, dendrites, axon

B. Dendrites, cell body, neurotransmitters

C. Axon, dendrites, neurotransmitters

D. None of the above

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    hey all you ashworth students its c

  • Health part 2 -

    its not c

  • Health part 2 -

    How does everyone know this is for ashworth? That's MY question.

  • Health part 2 -

    Were ashworth students

  • Health part 2 -

    Go Ashworth

  • Health part 2 -

    It is C

  • Health part 2 -

    It is not C (I've taken this test,) it is A

  • Health part 2 -

    SEER - "Each neuron has three basic parts: cell body (soma), one or more dendrites, and a single axon." It is A

  • Health part 2 -

    Hunter i agree and yes the answer is A

  • Health part 2 -

    Im Ashworth student as well.... However im not trying to cheat just confirming the answer i already thought it was :P It's A. Not C silly goose. haha.

  • Health part 2 -

    Sureeeeee Austin ;P

  • Health part 2 -

    GOO! ashworth ! :D

  • Health part 2 -

    so is the answer a or c?
    ps. GO ASHWORTH!!!!

  • Health part 2 -

    Youre all retarded
    Yea go ashworth James Madison whoowoo
    So what just answer the damn question we get it

  • Health part 2 -

    Thanks guys

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