6th grade math

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Can you check #18 and explain how to do #15 please?

15. Sue ordered 4 pizzas for 6 dollars each and 2 twelve packs of coke for x amount. Use the distributive property to create an equivalent expression.
Ans: not sure-seems like they're not related.
24 =2(12 + x)

18. One person in my class will call 3 people, and each of those people will contact 3 other people, and so on. How many people will be contacted in the 5th round? Write your answer in exponent form and find the value.
Ans: 3^5 = 243

  • 6th grade math -

    4*6 + 2x

    consider that at each round, if there are x people already contacted, then 3x more will be contacted, making for a total of 4x after the round. So, the sequence looks like this:

    1+3 = 4
    4+12 = 16
    16+48 = 64
    Round n: 4^(n-1) + 3*4^(n-1) = 4^n

    So, for round 5, there are already 4^4 = 256 people, and 3*256 = 768 more will be contacted, totaling 4^5 = 1024 at the end of round 5.

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