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To Reiny:
Hi, thank you for your time Reiny and your info. I am so sorry but on the first one I accidentally put 0 where I should have put =9. In other words, the first equation should have said (9n+1)squared =9. Really sorry to have taken up your time with the wrong equation, but if you are able to help me out again, with the right one, I would appreciate it. Also, I am unfamiliar with the sign you use that looks like a check mark, could you please advise what the sign means? Thanks for your help!

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    Hi. I've seen your previous post. I'll try answering them. :)

    (9n+1)squared = 9
    We expand the term with the square:
    (81n^2 + 18n + 1) = 9
    81n^2 + 18n + 1 - 9 = 0
    81n^2 + 18n - 8 = 0
    (9n + 4)(9n - 2) = 0
    n = -4/9 and n = 2/9
    Note that there are two values of n.

    The sign that looks like a check mark in #2 is a squareroot sign.

    I'm not Reiny but I hope you can trust my answer.
    Hope this helps :3

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    (9n+1)^2 = 9

    9n + 1 =-+ 3

    9n +1 = -3

    9n. = -4

    n = -4/9

    9n + 1 = 3

    9n = 2
    n = 2/9

    -4/9, 2/9

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