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The two tables below give the relative-risk of developing a stroke, in relation to blood pressure and body mass index. The data are based on a population of men from the USA. The values in the first table are given in comparison with the total population. The values in the second table are given in relation to the lowest BMI category (<23). In both tables the values have been adjusted for the age of the individuals.
Blood pressure [mm, Hg] 122/73 125/76 130/77 135/79 140/82 146/84 150/86
Relative risk: Stroke 0.98 1.08 1.23 1.40 1.63 1.88 2.1
BMI [Kgm-2] <23 23-25 25-27 27-30 >30
Relative risk: Stroke 1.0 1.09 1.35 1.57 2.12
Choose the statement(s) below supported by the data given.
Select one or more:
a. Adopting a mediterranean diet will reduce the risk of having a stroke.
b. Reducing blood pressure or BMI reduces the risk of stroke in men.
c. People with blood pressure of 122/73 are less likely to get a stroke than the general population.
d. Blood pressure increases progessively with a higher BMI.
e. Men who are overweight, have no increased risk of having a stroke, provided they are not obese

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    b, of course.

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