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An electron jumps from energy level 1 to energy level 2 by absorbing a photon of energy 8 eV. What is the most likely energy of the photon that will be emitted by the electron when it moves back down to energy level 1?
2 ev
4 ev
8 ev
12 ev

What is the best description of the Bohr model of the atom?
a. The atom consists of a positively charged material with negatively charged electrons embedded within it.
b. The atom consists of a nucleus with electrons orbiting randomly around it.
The atom consists of a nucleus with
c. electrons orbiting at specific energy levels. Absorbed photons cause electrons to jump between energy levels.
d. The atom consists of a nucleus surrounded by a region containing electrons. Electrons cannot be located exactly within this region, but the probability that they will be found in an area can be stated.

According to the lab data, the first energy level for Gas B occupies -19 eV of energy. Using the Gizmo, how much energy does the fourth energy level occupy for this same gas?

-2 eV
-8 eV
-11 eV
-13 eV


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    I don't agree with a for #1. If it takes 8 eV to make the electron jump from orbit 1 to orbit 2 then the most likely path back is to emit 8 eV to jump back to orbit 1.

    I don't agree with d for #2 although that statement is correct. However, I think the Bohr model is best summarized by statement c.

    For the last one I have no idea what a Gizmo is in connection to energy levels.

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    The las one is b- 8eV

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    B D A

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