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AP Chemistry

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Calculate ∆G0 for the following reaction.
4XY + 3Z2−→2Z3X2+ 2Y2
Substance ∆H0f S0kJ/mol J/mol┬ĚK
XY 205.0 75.0
Y2 −82.0 37.0
Z2 −25.0 78.0
Z3X2 −245.0 137.0
Answer in units of kJ/mol

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    I would do the following:
    Calculate dGo for each substance by dGo - dHo - TdS. Use 298 for T and REMEMBER S is in J/mol and dH is in kJ/mol.

    Then dGorxn = (n*dGo products) - (n*dGo products)

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