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Graphing - Trigonometry

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Below is the graph of y = a cos(bx+c)+d, where a, b, and c are positive, and c is as small as possible. Find a + b + c + d.

prntscr. com/20mkyo
The link is to a screenshot of the graph. (without spaces)

I'm unsure of how to solve - I tried it and got y = 2 cos (2/3x + 5pi/2) + 1 but it is would be appreciated, thanks.

  • Graphing - Trigonometry -

    max-min = 4, so a=2
    center of wave is at y=1, so d=1
    period is 3pi, so b=2/3
    wave is shifted right by 3pi/2, so we have 2/3 (x-3pi/2) = 2/3 x - pi

    y = 2cos(2/3 x - pi) + 1

  • Graphing - Trigonometry -

    thanks a lot man :)

  • Graphing - Trigonometry -

    thanks a lot steve you're awesome and helping me a lot on these problems I've tried working on them and when I couldn't you helped me so thanks

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