Combination math

posted by rinchan

The camera club has 5 members and the mathematics club has 8. There is only one member common to both clubs. In how many ways could a committee be formed with at least one member from each club?

  1. Reiny

    How large is the committee ?

  2. rinchan

    oops. It's a committee of 4 people

  3. Reiny

    So the only case we DON'T want are committees consisting of all camera members and all math club members.

    with out any restrictions we choose 4 from the 13
    = C(13,4) = 715

    all camera people = C(5,4) = 5
    all math club people = C(8,4) = 70

    so number with at least one from each club
    = 715 - 5 - 70 = 640

  4. Anonymous

    use the binomial theorem to expand(3x-2y)4

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