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AP chemistry

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001 (part 1 of 2) 10.0 points
A 1.37-gram sample of compound X (of MW 88.0 g/mol) was burned in a bomb calorime- ter containing 1700 g of water. A temperature rise of 0.95◦C was observed. ∆Erxn for this re- action is −475 kJ/mol of X. What is the heat capacity of the calorimeter hardware (not the water)?
Answer in units of J/◦C


What is the water equivalent of the calorime- ter hardware in the previous question?
Answer in units of grams

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    475,000*(1.36/88.0) = [mass H2O x specific heat H2O x delta T] + [Ccal*0.95]
    Substitute and solve for Ccal.

    Water equivalent of calorimeter is mass H2O that equals heat capacity of the calorimeter.
    Ccal = mass H2O x specific heat H2O.
    Solve for mass H2O.

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