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the question is Alyssa ate 3 more than 1/2 as many candy corns as Hayley. If Alyssa ate 17 candy corn, find the number of candy corn Hayley ate?
First I thought to do 17-3=14
This was my first thought but then I wondered if you multiplied first
17x2=34 and then adding the +3
giving you 37
I think the first way is the correct way but I am not sure.
Can you help verify which step would be done first?

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    If Hayley ate h, then since we know Alyssa ate 17,

    h/2 + 3 = 17
    h/2 = 14
    h = 28

    Alyssa ate 3 more than 14, which is half of 28

    Your first way was correct.

    You should have gotten a bad feeling about 37 right away, since 1/2 of 37 is not a whole number.

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    I didn't think the second way was right. Thanks for clarifying it for me.

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