6th grade math

posted by Alex

Can you check these problems, please?

Translate each phrase into algebraic expression.

1. 5 more than D
Ans: 5 + D

2. Twice a number W
Ans: 2*W

3. Product of 60 and W
Ans: 60*W

4. A number, N, decreased by 18
Ans: N - 18

5. 14 minus a number, M
Ans: 14 - M

6. Twice a number, C, plus 16
Ans: 2*C + 16

7. Three times N decreased by 8
Ans: 3*N - 8

8. The sum of a number, R, and twelve
Ans: R + 12

9. The quotient of N and five
Ans: N/5

10. Fifteen divided by Z
Ans: 15/Z

11. 3 decreased by a number, A
Ans: 3 - A

12. A number, M, decreased by 49
Ans: M - 49

  1. Ms. Sue

    2. 2W
    3. 60W

    All of your answers are correct. However the standard way of writing a multiplication problem is the way I showed you above.

  2. Alex

    Oh, okay. Thanks!

  3. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome.

  4. jada

    algebraic expression represents “the sum of a number and 9

  5. 666

    The sum of one and the product of one and a number xxx

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