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The fizz produced when an alka-seltzer tablet is dissolved in water is due to the reaction between sodium bicarbonate and citric acid:

3NaHCO3 + H3C6H5O7 -> 3CO2 + 3H2O + Na3C6H5O7

In an Experiment 1.00 g of sodium bicarbonate and 1.00g of citric acid are allowed to react?

1.) what volume of carbon dioxide is formed ?

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    determine the moles of citric acid and bicarbonate from the masses.

    You need 3x more mole of bicarbonate than moles of cirtic acid?

    a. Assume it works out 4.2 moles bicarobante to each citric acid have too much bicarbonate. So you will be limited by the citric acid. Moles of carbon dioxide=3 x moles of cirtic acid.

    b. assume it works out you have 2.5 moles of bicarbonate to each mole of citric acid. Then you are limited by the bicarbonate...moles of carbon dioxide will equal same moles as bicarbonate.

    Think on this.

    Then change moles of CO2 to volume, assume STP, as stupid as that is. Or you could assume room temperature. Whatever.

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