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Ecology Intervention Project

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"two other projects that are either similar to your intervention or address a similar issue. remember to relate these projects to yours"

i'm doing a project on air pollution and how it affects the environment but i don't know projects similar to my intervention

  • Ecology Intervention Project -

    Sections 4 through 8 explain several projects to reduce air pollution.

  • Ecology Intervention Project -

    i can't use wikipedia

  • Ecology Intervention Project -

    Use Wikipedia to get your basic ideas. Then do your own research on what you learn from Wikipedia.

  • Ecology Intervention Project -

    the requirements

    - a type written action plan.
    -total number of pages = 4-6
    *human activity and description of its effect
    * written description of your program
    * description and comparison of similar environmental intervention
    * cited information using APA or MLA style

    Air pollution are harmful substances in our atmosphere. Humans affect the ecosystem negatively in air pollution by riding cars, trucks, buses that send harmful chemicals and gases into the air, which cause air pollution. Air pollution has many effects but the major one would be the effect on people’s health, “According to World Health Organization 2.4 million people die…[from] air pollution.” It also affects climate change by increasing the average temperature on our planet. Air pollution also affects the ozone layer; some chemicals shrink the ozone layer making it thinner, which causes harmful ultraviolet rays, which increases the risk of skin cancer. Air pollution also causes acid rain, which destroys animal’s habitats. “Some toxins, like mercury, settle [into] plants and water sources… consumed by animals.” which leads to animals on the top food chain to have large amounts of toxins in their bodies.
    To eradicate the impact on air pollution we should use fewer cars, or any type of transportation that cause harmful chemicals and gases into the air. We should go green use “energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal energy…instead of fossil fuels like coal and oil.” We should also stop leaving electronic devices on, less electricity produces few pollutants in the air from burning fossil fuels. Plant more trees, trees help reduce air pollution, they release oxygen for us to breathe. Plants are also good to help deduct air pollution they also produce oxygen for us to breathe, add moisture and filter toxins. Another great way to reduce air pollution is to recycle, and cut down on smoking.

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    and i did a poster from what i have does it look i met all the requirements. i know i'm still missing the one on similar environmental intervention


    my action plan i have is: The air we breathe in is very important, it keeps us alive. But we are hurting the environment and making it hard to breath in “healthy air”. How? Well, by using transportation that contains gas, substances may leak and that sends harmful chemicals and gases into the air.

    is that good?

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    Also ... DO NOT MISS the bibliography and external links at the bottom of just about every Wikipedia page. If you refuse to use Wp at all, you're missing out on some terrific resources.

  • @writeacher -

    my teacher doesn't let us use wikipedia that's why. and yea i have the links but jiskha doesn't let me put it here so.

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    can two other projects similar to my intervention be

    Particulate Matter
    Carbon Monoxide
    Nitrogen Oxides
    Sulfur Dioxide

  • Ecology Intervention Project -


    Obviously you do not understand what an intervention is.

    You should try to persuade others to help prevent air pollution. How are you going to do this?

  • Ecology Intervention Project -

    If you're trying to "persuade" others to ride bikes to work (for example) in order to cut way down on air pollution, you have to provide ways for them to do so.

    Here is what the city of Houston has done ... and keeps working on:

    Yes, biking trails are used recreationally, but they are being used more and more by people who live near enough to be able to use them to get to work.

    In other words, you cannot just depend on talking to people and chalking that up to persuasion ... you'd have to provide ways that actually make the action feasible that you want others to follow.

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    so those are two projects similar to mine?

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