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The current density of an ideal p-n junction under illumination can be described by:

where Jph is the photo-current density, J0 the saturation-current density, q the elementary charge, V the voltage, k the Boltzmann's constant, and T the temperature.

A crystalline silicon solar cell generates a photo-current density of Jph=40mA/cm2 at T=300K. The saturation-current density is J0=1.95∗10−10mA/cm2.

Assuming that the solar cell behaves as an ideal p-n junction, calculate the open-circuit voltage Voc (in V).

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    If it is open circuit, then J(v)=0

    Jph=Jo(e^(qV/T) )
    Take the ln of each side

    ln (Jph/Jo)=qV/T

    Voc=T/q *ln(Jph/Jo )

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    0.674 can someone help with the others quetion? Q4 5 6 7?

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    voc= kt/q * jph/jo + 1

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    0.659 V

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