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What about Thoreau�s night in jail made him angry?
(1 point)

The fact that his stay in prison was too short to make a point.
*The interference with his protest.
The uncomfortable accommodations.


Why do the playwrights refer to their protagonist as �The Now Thoreau?"
(1 point)

*His philosophy applies to our time just as much as it applied during his.
They have updated his story to the modern day.
Thoreau was vocal about his belief that his philosophy would endure for centuries.


Why does Bailey guess Henry committed murder?
(1 point)

Henry looks like a murderer.
*Henry sounds educated.
Henry tells Bailey he committed murder.


If you were to make a disparaging remark to someone, it would be
(1 point)


Thank you.

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    I don't know about 3, but the others are right.

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    which do you think it is?

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    3 is right just took the quiz

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    All answers given are 100% correcct

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    100% They're right.

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    Fear not for these answers are still correct

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