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Algebra 0110 College

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1) A rectangle has perimeter 38 feet and an area of 78 square feet. Find the dimensions of the rectangle assuming the width is smaller than the length.

L= W=

2) A rectangular canvas picture measures 9 inches by 7 inches. The canvas is mounted inside a frame of uniform width, increasing the total area covered by both canvas and frame to 120 square inches. Find the uniform width of the frame.

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    LW = 78, so L = 78/W
    L+W = 19
    78/W + W = 19
    W^2 - 19W + 78 = 0

    for the picture, if the frame has width w, then

    (7+2w)(9+2w) = 120
    now just solve for w.
    Just by looking, I'd say that 10x12 = 120, so w=1.5

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