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6th grade math

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Can you check the following problems, please?

1. If the ratios for microphones to karaoke machines are all equivalent, how can you find the value of x?

microphones 3 9 15 36
karoke 1 3 x 12

Ans: x=5 (because divide each ratio by 3)

2 There are 32 students in Mr. Santana's class, but only 8 computers. What is the ratio of students to computers in simplest form?

Ans: 32:8 = 32/8 = 4students to 1computer

3. Solve for x.
12/20 = x/15

20x = 180
x = 180/20
x =9

Is there another way to solve the above problem?

4. A Boeing 747 can carry up to 105 tons. What is the maximum weight in pounds if one tone is equivalent to 2000 pounds?

210,000 lbs

5.45 is what percent of 90?

45/90 = x/100
90x= 45*100

6. Miss John's favorite animal is the pig. If she collects 13 pig figurines in 4 years, then how many will she collect in 12 years?

13/4yr = x/12yrs
x=3*13 (or 4x=13*12,4x=156,x=156/4,x=39)
x=39 pigs


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    I'm reposting again..Can anyone check my answers?

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