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11. What different reasons did the European nations have for exploration? Provide at least one example specific to Spain, France, and Britain. Where did Spain, France, and Britain choose to settle while exploring? Why did they settle these particular areas? (5 points)

Can someone please explain this to mean to help me understand? I really need help.

BallaWitSwagg a.k.a. This girl

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    Why did Britain, France, and Spain spend so much money and time to risk exploring the New World.

    Where did explorers from each country live while they were exploring?

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    Okay so should I put:

    Britain, France and Spain wanted to risk their money to explore the new world because they were trying to spread their beliefs and get more land. They also wanted to find to find nice treasures that would gain them glory and money, which were things like salt and gold.
    They all spent their time in North America, in areas like Spanish Texas, Louisiana and in Saint Louis.

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    Each country wanted something different. For instance, Spain wanted glory and money. What did Britain want? What did France want?

    Spain didn't spend all of its time in North America. Where did the British live? Where did most of the French live in the early days?

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    the British i believe they went to India, and France to Africa

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    No idea

  • I don't have a CLue -

    If you find out.. let me know ._.

  • I don't have a CLue -

    I am a teacher and this is my test essay question for 8th grade. If you are using this website and this answer, you are cheating and violating the honor code. You will earn a zero for this test and disciplinary action will be taken. Just a warning.

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    people be nice and plzz tell me the answer plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

  • I don't have a CLue -

    8th Grader Teacher, I do believe you are what your username implies...

    I'm well aware this is cheating, so is everyone else. That is obvious. So, what are you going to do about it? This is the internet which we can manipulate so much better than you.

    I advise the other teenagers on here to stop acting like idiots and get a unique internet alias/username. Usernames are fun. :)

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