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A spherical helium filled balloon is attached to a string that is fixed to the ground. the balloon has a volume of .30/4m^3 and helium has a density of .20 kg/m^3. What is the weight of the balloon and helium if the tension on the string is .8N?

What is the Gravitational force on the helium alone?

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    V=0.3/4 m³
    Helium ρ₁=0.2 kg/m³
    Air ρ₂=1.33 kg/m³
    the buoyant force F = ρ₂Vg
    mg+T =F
    W=mg = F-T = ρ₂Vg-T=
    =9.8•1.33•0.3/4 – 0.8=0.978-0.8=0.178 N
    If W₁ is the weight of helium and W₀ is the weight of balloon,
    W₁ =m₁g= ρ₁Vg=9.8•0.2• 0.3/4 =0.147 N
    W₀=W-W₁ = 0.178-0.147=0.031 N

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