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Geography (Ms. Sue)

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1). How can the geographic definition of a body of water affect economic relationships?

A: The geographic definition of a body of water can affect economic relationships as it can cause allied countries to try to better only themselves. For example, if the Caspian is a sea, then each each country has legal rights to the resources on its own part of the sea bed. If it is a lake, the law says that most of the resource wealth must be shared equally among each of the countries. Furthermore, Azerbaijan, with large reserves off its coast, says the Caspian is an island sea. Russia, with few off-shore, reserves, insists that the Caspian is a lake.

2). How would you describe the ethnic and linguistic makeup of Transcaucasia?

A: The ethnic and linguistic makeup of Transcaucasia is extremely large as more than 50 different peoples, bringing a great variety of languages, live in the region, which is called "Jabal Al-Alun," or "Mountains of Language."

3). What roles did Russia and the Soviet Union play in Transcaucasia?

A: Russia, due to Russia's southward expansion, took control of Transcaucasia, adding it to the Russian Empire. The Soviet Union also had taken control of the region by the use of the Red Army and is responsible for the loss of countless lives due to the famines triggered by the shift to collective farming and or by the persecutions of an individual's belief.

4). How has the oil industry affected the people of Transcaucasia?

A: The oil industry has affected the people of Transcaucasia as oil producers want to build pipelines across their territory to ring the oil to market, but has benefited few Transcaucasians as many continue to live in poverty.

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