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Which of the following words is an antonym for scorned?

a. disliked
b. ignore
c. acknowledge
d. approve of


Which sentence includes an adverbial phrase?

a. The weight of an American Mastiff can be up to 160 pounds.
b. Xun lives in the mountainous region of Central Asia.
c. The tallest living man, Bao Xishun, lives in China.
d. The smallest human bone, the stapes, is located in your ear.


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    1 is wrong.

    2 is correct. However, b and d also have adverbial phrases.

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    1. D

    2. My quiz only has one correct answer.

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    Your quiz is wrong.

    Here are the adverbial phrases:

    b. in the mountainous region >> modifies the verb, lives; tells where.

    c. in China >> modifies the verb lives; tells where.

    d. in your ear >> modifies the verb is located; tells where.

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    Okay... so is 1 right?

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    Yes. 1 is D.

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