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(3x + 4) + (5y -1) = 10 - 16i

A. x = 2, y = -3
B. x = 1, y = -2
C. x = 3, y = 2
D. x = -3, y = 1

think the answer is C

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    What's the question? If the question says, which of the following points satisfies the equation, then there is no answer.
    Probably there is a typo...

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    this question is to

    Solve for x and y.

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    You have two variables, but only one equation.

    Can't be solved, as Jai pointed out to you

    If C is your choice, then x=3,y=2
    Left Side = (9+4) + (10-1)
    = 22
    ≠ RS

    doesn't satisfy, (none of them do)

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