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The speed of a moving sidewalk at an airport is 2ft/sec. A person can walk 93ft forward on the moving sidewalk in the same time it takes to walk 12ft on a non moving sidewalk in the oppsite direction. At what rate would a person walk on a nonmoving sidewalk?

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    let man's walking speed be x ft /s

    so speed with moving sidewalk = x+2 ft/s

    time taken to walk 93 ft on moving sidewalk
    = 93/(x+2)
    times taken to walk 12 ft in opposite direction
    = 12/(x-2)

    93/(x+2) = 12/(x-2)
    93x - 186 = 12x + 24
    81x = 210
    x = 210/81 ft/s = 70/27 or appr 2.59 ft/sec

    time to walk 93 ft at 4.59 ft/sec = 93/4.59 = 20.26 sec
    time to walk 12 ft at .59 ft/sec = 20.3 sec
    small error due to round-off
    Answer is correct.

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    Thank you so much.

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