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2. The National polling organization conducted a phone survey of 850 American adults on what they considered to be the most serious problem facing nation’s public schools; 30% said violence. This sample percent is an estimate of the percent of all adults who think that violence is the school’s most serious problem. At 95% level, what is your range of confidence on the percentage of the entire population that considers the violence as the most serious problem in public schools?

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    Try using a binomial proportion CI formula:

    CI95 = p + or - 1.96(√pq/n)
    ...where p = proportion in the problem, q = 1 - p, n = sample size, √ = square root, and + or - 1.96 represents 95% CI using a z-table.

    Your data:
    p = .3
    q = .7
    n = 850

    Substitute values into the formula and determine the confidence interval.

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