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A package of self-sticking notepads contains 6 yellow, 6 blue, 6 green, and 6 pink notepads. An experiment consists of randomly selecting one of the notepads and recording its color. Find the probability that a green notepad is selected given that it is either blue or green.

A) 1/2
B) 1/3
C) 1/12
D) 1/4

I think the answer is A. I added 6+6+6+6= 24
then 6 blue + 6 green= 12
then 12/24= 1/2

Is this right?

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    From your description, I'm not sure what is being asked.

    If it is "either blue or green," you are right. If it is just green ("green notepad is selected"), then 1/4 is correct.

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