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The value of the equilibrium constant, Kc, at a certain temperature is 8.33 x 10-4. Would the reaction as represented by the chemical equation favor reactants or products? Enter P or R.

Cl2CO(g) = CO(g)+Cl2(g)

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    That Kc indicates very little product is made in the forward direction. It favors reactants.

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    So write the Kc expression and see.
    Kc = 8.33E-4 = (CO)(Cl2)/(Cl2CO)

    Now use your noodle.

    How do you get a small number like 8.33E-4. The numerator can be small and the denominator large and you get a small number. right? If the numerator is large and the denominator is small, you get a large number. right?
    So to get a small number the numerator must be small and the denominator large which means (CO) and (Cl2) are small and the (Cl2CO) large. What does that mean about which way favors the reaction.

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