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check my work on derivatives

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Can someone check my work?

So, I took the derivative of

I used the quotient rule

((2x((1+x^2)^2)-2((1+x^2)^2)(2x)(1-x^2))) / ((1+x^2)^4)

Then I simplified it

(2x+2x^2 - 4x((1+x^2)^2)(1-x^2)) /((1+x^2)^4)

Then I simplified by factoring out some numbers


Then I cancelled out some values


Then simplified some more



My answer was


But my answer is supposed to be


Where did I go wrong

  • check my work on derivatives -

    Well, the first line is wrong. Should be

    ((-2x((1+x^2)^2)-2(1+x^2)(2x)(1-x^2))) / ((1+x^2)^4)

    Maybe that's all the fix you need. If not, visit and enter

    derivative (1-x^2)/(1+x^2)^2

    and it will show the correct answer which you show above. Then hit the step-by-step solution button to see all the intermediate work.

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