Grade 12 physics

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At the beach, 3 children pull on a floating toy. Child 1 plus with a force of 15N [N 24°E], child 2 pulls south and child 3 pulls west. The net force of the toy is zero. Assume that there are no other significant forces acting on the toy.

a) Calculate the magnitude of the forces exerted by child 2 and 3 on the toy.

b) Child 2 lets go and the other children maintain the same force. Calculate the net force on the toy.

  • Grade 12 physics -

    F1 = 15N[66o],CCW.
    F2 = Pull South.
    F3 = Pull West.

    a. X = 15*cos66 + F3 = 0
    F3 = -15*cos66 = -6.10 N.

    Y = 15*sin66 + F2 = 0
    F2 = -15*sin66 = -13.7 N.

    b. X = 15*cos66-6.10 = 0
    Y = 15*sin66 = 13.7 N.=13.7N

    Fn = X + Yi = 0 + Yi = 13.7i=13.7N[90o]

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