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The political movement that brought Africans together in the 1950s was known as ________.

a. imperialism
b. salt trade
c. colonialism
d. Pan-Africanism

Enslaved Africans from West Africa traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to European Colonies in the Americas by way of the ________.

a. middle passage
b. salt trade route
c. African passage
d. African piligrimage

The location of West and Central Africa encouraged ________.

a. agriculture
b. manufacturing
c. cottage industries
d. trade

One of the ways European Colonization upset life in West and Central Africa was by:

a. marketing goods in the area
b. drawing borders without regard to the location of ethnic groups
c. creating friction between Europe's powers
d. forcing Africans not to farm

During the period when Arab traders came to West and Central Africa to trade salt for gold, they changed the culture of the region by bringing:

a. the religion of Islam
b. technology like the printing press
c. a new style of music
d. enslaved people to work on the farms

My answers: d, a, d, b, a

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    All seem correct to me, although I'm not sure about the fourth one.

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    All right! I had the same questions in my SS test, and I got them all right.

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    wow had the same questions on my quiz and got them all right

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    Yeah wow I got all my answers right. 5/5 (100%)

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    All are correct. Got 100%

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    All of them are correct. I wasn't sure if one of the answers I put in was right so I looked it up to check my answer. Thank you I got 100%.

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    Thank you so much

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    yup got it right

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    D,A,D,B,A <------ Right answers Guaranteed to get you s 5 out of 5

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    ;-; dunno if I gonna get 100 but it worth a shot! However, gotta check resources first

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    prolly got hoondreed

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    100% booooooi

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    I got 100. thanks!

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    Yes thank you so much on those answers it really helped me I got 100% 5/5 Thank you!!! <3

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    Thankyou! I also got 5/5 on my test. I am in homeschool so yeah.

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    Same Aaliyah ,....... Correct


    Thanks soooooooo much yall!

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