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Pre algebra

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A number multiplied by itself and then by itself again gives -1,000. What is the number? Please show the solution step by step

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    Let x = number
    It was said in the first statement that the number is multiplied by itself and then by itself again. Thus, it was multiplied by itself thrice:
    x*x*x = -1000
    x^3 = -1000
    We get the cuberoot of this, so that we can get x alone on the left side:
    cuberoot(x^3) = cuberoot(-1000)
    x = cuberoot(-1000)
    Note that -1000 is a perfect cube, meaning there is a whole number or integer that is when multiplied by itself three times gives -1000. And that is number is -10, because (-10)(-10)(-10) = -1000.
    Thus, x = -10

    Hope this helps~ :3

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