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An element with the symbol Z has the electron configuration 2.8.6. Which species is this elrment most likely to form?

A. The ion Z 2+
B. The ion Z 6+
C. The compound H subscript 2 Z
D. The compound Z subscript 6 F

Which ionization requires the most energy?
A. Na--> Na superscript + plus one electron
B. Na superscript + -----> Na superscript 2+ plus one electron
C. Mg---> Mg superscript + plus one electron
D. Mg superscript + -----> Mg superscript 2+ plus one electron

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    For 2.8.6 we would expect
    1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p4 which puts the element in group 16 (or VI) it probably is S. It could form +6 but is more likely to form -2 so H2Z is what I would pick.
    It might also form ZF6 (but not Z6F) but H2S is still the most probable.

    Would #2 make sense to go with B?

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    A. The ion Z2+

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