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Hi beautiful people.
I'm busy working on a French assignment due tonight and I'm struggling to figure out a couple of professions. I have to decide which person to hire which is hard because I'm not understanding what jobs they have done before. If anyone could let me know what these jobs are I would be very appreciative.
- monitrice pour colonies de vacances pendant 4 ans (I think it means she's an instructor for X on holidays? for four years)
-vendeuse dans une bibliothéque spécialisée en lingusitique (saleswoman in a library specializing in linguistics?)
These are the only two still confusing me.

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    1. monitrice pour colonies de vacances is a female instructor, coach or trainer for a summer camp. Since it doesn't say what kind, maybe a tennis instructor, or horseback instructor? Yes, she has been there 4 years.

    2. vendeuse dans une bibliothéque spécialisée en linguistique (check spelling) is a female salesclerk in a
    library (or bookstand) specializing in linguistics. A salesperson in a library would be very strange = unless that library has a bookstore. She might specialize in vocabulary, idioms, grammar, etc.

    Sr JMcGin (aka Mme)

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