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Create an accurate summary of “The Cold Equations” that details the important events of the story. Provide your answer in three to five sentences. Can someone help me with this please?

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    In your opinion, what were the important facts in this story?

    To refresh your memory, here's a copy of this story.


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    Marilyn Lee Cross caused multiple conflicts in this story. Even though she caused problems she wasn't a bad person. The first conflict all started when she stowed away on the EDS ship which the law specifically states that if there are any stowaways the pilot of the EDS must jettison or throw away the stowaway into space. The reason for which you will figure out is that there is only enough fuel in the EDS to carry the cargo and the pilot. Adding any extra weight will cause the EDS to ultimately run out of fuel causing both the pilot and the stowaway to die.

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    The Cold Equations is a story that talks about a young adult, Marilyn. Who sneaks onto a space ship heading to an area where her brother is at. Even though she knows that being a stowaway is illegal, she thinks she will just have to pay a fine. But when the pilot finds Marilyn he tells her that she must be removed from the ship. Because her weight will risk the entire ship and the sleeping crew members. In the end, Marilyn accepts tthat she must be stowed away into space.

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    Create a paraphrase of the following sentence from "The Cold Equations": Faint and ineffably poignant and tender, the last words came from the cold metal of the communicator: "Goodbye, little sister"

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    Create an accurate summary of the goodbye scene between Marilyn and her brother in the cold equations.

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