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Hi I'm writing an article and I interviewed Five WMU students asking them how they feel about the new football slogan, as well as the new football coach. Would this be an ok way to start the article?
Five WMU students shared their viewpoints about the new football slogan and the new coach.

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    Looks good to me. It has four of the five W's and the Why isn't necessary in this story.

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    thanks Ms. Sue :)

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    You're welcome, Blaze.

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    Quick question.. is there a such thing as plagiarizing quotes? can you take quotes that someone else has used in another article?

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    If you quote from another source, you must enclose the words in quotation marks and cite your source.

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    well like for instance I wanted to use a quote that the new coach said.. But it was from another article.. I have ",Fleck said. after the quote

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    The Kalamazoo Gazette reported that Fleck said, ". . .

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